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Photography Courses, Workshops and Photowalks

Master landscape photography in the stunning surroundings of the Lake District National Park.

I provide a wide range of group and one to one photography courses and workshops to suit all levels of experience from beginners to advanced users. All the courses are hands on and teach the practical application not just the theory.

Upcoming photography workshops

Course Date Price
Photo walk 29/10/2020 £60
Get to know your camera 04/11/2020 £95
Advanced landscapes 05/11/2020 £120
Advanced landscapes 09/11/2020 £120
Photo walk 10/11/2020 £60

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I am running special multi day workshop for the RPS in February. Please visit the RPS website for information and bookings. You don't have to be an RPS member to attend.

Get to know your DSLR camera course starts in the studio to cover skills and setup and then put this into practice in one of the lakeland beauty spots. This is particularly suited to beginners starting in digital photography or using a DSLR for the first time

Weekend photography workshops and Advanced landscape courses cover specific areas to increase your knowledge and skills across a range of landscape subjects. I also run studio photography courses to teach the art of portrait photography in a professional studio setting.

Photowalk courses take a day to have a guided walk at a stunning Lake District location where photography will be the main focus. This gives you an opportunity to learn tips and techniques for landscape photography in a relaxed setting.

All my courses and workshop are proudly supported by Lee Filters.

Lee have provided a variety of graduated filters, stoppers, adaptor rings and filter holders to suit nearly all requirements.

Anyone on a course or workshop can use the filters, at no charge, to develop their landscape photography and try before you buy.

Get to know your DSLR

If you have been using your DSLR or mirrorless camera on Auto or trying various settings with mixed results, this course will give you a solid foundation in digital photography. Starting from our studio in Bassenthwaite you will get to explore the local lakes and fells and learn new skills, tips and techniques to get the most out of your digital photography.

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Advanced Landscape Courses

The advanced course is designed for photographers who are happy with the basic control of their camera, but would like to take their photography to the next level. Using filters, creating panoramas, bracketing and much more.

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Photowalk Course

Take a day to have a guided photowalk at a stunning location where photography will be the main focus. Perhaps a walk up Haystacks photographing the summit tarns or walk up to the waterfalls where you can capture water movement. A fantastic day out for beginners or advanced photographers.

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Sunset workshop

The longer summer days mean we have long evenings to capture stunning sunsets. The sunset course will help you get the most from a spectacular sunset, by composing your shots properly and adjusting the camera settings to make the most of the colours.

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Studio Workshops

Learn how to master studio photography, lighting techniques and poses on this one day hands on workshop where you will create stunning portraits.

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Long exposure workshops

This workshop will teach you the art of long exposure and help you with the technical and visionary challenges. We will cover the use of neutral density filters and neutral density graduated filters considering their uses and how and why long exposures.

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One to One Workshops

One to one workshops can be structured to cover any photography subject.. From the basic camera controls, composition, the use of light and colour, creative use of shutter and aperture, to more specialised areas such as portraits, studio lighting, wildlife photography, macro photography and product/still life photography.

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Weekend Courses and Workshops

Spend a weekend in the Lake District with your camera, visiting stunning locations, guided by Carmen, a professional photographer, trained mountain guide and local, who has in depth knowledge of the Lake District, knowing lots of secret locations.

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Adobe Lightroom Course

Adobe Lightroom is a popular picture editing program. Perfect your shots with advanced controls for tone, contrast, color, and more. Efficiently organise all your photos and share them almost anywhere. This course will show you how to master those features.

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Adobe Photoshop for Photographers

Adobe Photoshop is a powerful photograph editing and manipulation software package which can be daunting to start with. Courses available at all levels, using a range of tools from full featured editing, managing large batches of photos to creating intricate digital paintings and drawings.

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Photography Tips

Rules of Composition - I don't always stick strictly to the rules of composition, but the rules are well worth knowing so you can follow them, or break them. Here are my top 9 landscape photography composition rules that might be helpful for those just starting out.

Creating a Panorama - With a digital camera, creating a seamless panorama has been made very straightforward. These are my tips on how to create successful and stunning panoramic images.

Stunning Sunsets - Getting the most out of your sunset shoot isn't always so straight forward. Here are 8 tips for stunning sunset photography that will help you to capture the aura of the evening.

Keep an eye on my blog for more photography techniques and tips.